One of my favorite things, besides real aviation, is simulated aviation.  I am an active sim pilot and sim developer.  I make repaints for airplanes, modify already developed airplanes (usually simple things, such as adding long-range tanks by increasing the fuel capacity in accordance with the real airplane's documents), and more recently have started making airports, though none are distributed on this site yet.  I am currently making a flight around the world and will be posting my progress here.  I am also in the process of building a cockpit with instrumentation and controls pulled from real airplanes.  There is very little progress on that project as of now, but I will start posting when there is more (I got a lot of the instruments for it last year and made a few posts about it here).  I hope to finish that before my 'round the world flight, so that I can enjoy both of them together, but both are going to be long journeys.