My progress on a map

My logbook for the flight:

DateRouteDay T/ODay LdgNite T/ONite LdgNightIMCXCTotal timeCumulativeRemarks
2015-10-276P3-C29-WS62-KLNR44000. the RTW flight; dropped N185FC off at KLNR for some new paint! Beautiful sunset.
2015-11-22KLNR-7C311000. paint! Made it out of Wisconsin (to Iowa); snow!
2015-11-287C3-2C411000. my first inaccuracy (outside of C29): an AWOS frequency is wrong; first use of autopilot; landed in fun little clearing near 2C4
2015-12-062C4-21D11000. instruments on and off the whole way; used autopilot for roughly first half; 21D has no AWOS in FSX
2015-12-1321D-22Y10010. leg over 100nm; first night leg; IFR most of the way, canceled to get into Moreys; dropped through the clouds almost right over the runway! Hand-flew all the way; found LXL AWOS INOP
2015-12-1722Y-KTVF11000. snow and turbulence almost the whole way; VFR, but required constant focus; made a horrible landing in heavy quartering headwind at KTVF; surprised I didn't crash.
2016-03-19KTVF-NA8611000. in actuality at 12:30am; got too tired and had to land about halfway to my destination (9G9). I'll take it for my first flight since last year.
2016-09-21NA86-37N10010. flight over pretty much nothing. Turned on autopilot and made a pizza while I was at it.